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Health – The NAACP is committed to eliminating the racial and ethnic disparities in our health care system that plague people of color in the United States. African Americans and Latinos continue to have the highest incidence, prevalence and mortality rates from chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. Additionally issues like HIV and infant mortality have continued to overwhelm the Black community. Systemic imbalances in the health care delivery system disproportionately affect African Americans and Latinos more than their White counterparts. Our Get Out and Play health fair is our signature event from this committee, where the goal is to encourage adults and youth to get involved in sports and activities to fight obesity. Traditional health fair screenings and healthy related info dissemination also occurs during this event.

Committee Chair – TBA

Economic Opportunity – The NAACP Economic Department recognizes the importance of the economy and economic issues in advancing an equal opportunity society and aims to address the challenging economic realities facing our country (e.g., disproportionate high unemployment, poverty and foreclosures, etc.). The NAACP Economic Department’s work enhances the capacity of African Americans, and other underserved groups, through financial economic education; promoting diversity and inclusion in business hiring, career advancement and procurement; monitoring financial banking practices and promoting community economic development.

Committee Chair – TBA

Climate Justice – Global climate change has a disproportionate impact on communities of color in the United States and around the world. The NAACP Climate Justice Initiative was created to educate and mobilize communities to address this human and civil rights issue.

Committee Chair – TBA


Education – The NAACP strives to ensure that all students have access to an equal and high-quality public education by eliminating education-related racial and ethnic disparities in our public schools. Through advocacy training, policy development and guidance, building collaborative networks, and direct action, we work to assure an equitable start for all Americans.

Committee Chair – Nickimmy Hayes

Freedom Fund – The Freedom Fund Committee oversees all fundraising activities for the branch. The Freedom Fund Dinner is the signature event from this committee.

Committee Chair – Kim Fisher

Membership – The Membership Committee works to solicit new blood to the organization.    Membership in the NAACP means joining the leading civil rights organization in the nation. By lending their names and their energy to the NAACP, our members stand at the forefront of change. We want you to become a part of a legacy dedicated to social justice and equality for all people.

Committee Co-Chair – Jennifer Williams & Jazzmyne Tappin

Political Action – The Political Action Committee works to ensure voter empowerment through providing awareness, training, and programmatic support to ensure registration, education, administration, and election protection. The NAACP has developed a nonpartisan voter empowerment program designed to empower African Americans and people of color by increasing awareness and participation in the electoral process. The Political Action Committee will support the NAACP’s mission to ensure political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination, through implementing initiatives voted on by this committee.

Committee Chair – Jason Nelson Sr.

Youth Council – Developing a New Generation of Civil Rights and Community Leaders – Students have always been at the forefront of most major social movements. From the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s to the anti-apartheid movement of the 1980’s, student activism has forced society and the world to change. NAACP youth units across America are engaged in social justice activism addressing issues at the local, state and national level.

The mission of the NAACP Youth & College Division shall be to inform youth of the problems affecting African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities; to advance the economic, education, social and political status of African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities and their harmonious cooperation with other peoples; to stimulate an appreciation of the African Diaspora and other people of color’s contribution to civilization; and to develop an intelligent, militant effective youth leadership.

Youth Advisor – Christina Nieves

President – Daysha Valasquez

Secretary – Alexandria Kalinowski

Justice – The United States is home to the world’s largest prison population. As “tough on crime” laws have put an unprecedented number of non-violent offenders behind bars in recent years, our neighborhoods feel no more secure.

The NAACP advocates for smarter, results-based criminal justice policies to keep our communities safe, including treatment for addiction and mental health problems, judicial discretion in sentencing, and an end to racial disparities at all levels of the system.

Committee Chair – Karess Cannon (Acting)


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